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Welcome to Danban

An open source Kanban Board powered by DAML


Hosted on DABL


Source code on GitHub


Supports GitHub flavored markdown

Featuring cutting edge HTML features like

  • Headings

  • Bullet points
  • Bold and italic text
  • Links
  • Images
  • () => {
      // Code blocks

Watch out, Netscape navigator 2.0!

Works on mobile devices

Unlike a certain other website...

And more!


 120 days ago

Sharing features

  • Boards can be made public
  • Boards can be shared privately
    • Read persmission gives live updates
    • Write permission allows adding, moving and editing cards
    • Admin permission allows adding, moving and renaming of lists, changing the board title and colour, and changing sharing settings, including making yourself a Signatory
    • Signatories keep the board alive. As long as there is more than one Signatory, a board cannot be deleted.


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Bernhard Elsner
How to use

Sign in to edit and save changes

Use the Sign-in button at the top right to sign in with Google. Only accounts inside the Digital Asset Organisation are currently allowed.

Create a Board

Click on the Danban title at the top to get back to the main screen where you can add a new board.

Invite some collaborators

Use the Sharing settings at the top to make your board public, or add other users

Change the board

You can edit the title of the board by clicking it. You can also change the color of the board by clicking the button in the top right corner.

Create a card or list

Add a new card to an existing list by clicking the + button below each list. You can add a new list by clicking the "Add a list"-button to the right

Edit a card

You can edit the contents of a card by clicking on it. Remember to use Shift + Enter to create a newline.

Drag a card or list

Reposition cards and lists by dragging them with a mouse or touch gesture.

Add a checklist

For a task that has many sub-tasks, you can create a checklist with markdown.
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It's Upgrade Time!

You've been invited to upgrade your DAML data and rules to .

You can choose not to upgrade, but all boards you are a signatory on will become read-only, and this UI may stop working for old boards without notice.

Please refer to the github repo for details about this upgrade.

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