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Welcome to the project : DABL public roadmap!

Here you can find the next few months of features organized into four main work streams:

Arcade (yellow)

Community of shared libraries and templates to help you get started

Console (blue)

Dashboard for managing all your applications and ledgers built in DAML

Integrations (orange)

3rd Party APIs available in DABL

Networks (green)

Ability to deploy your application to a ledger and network of your choice

Each column is vertically split into Milestone Cards. As we pick up and begin work on part of a Milestone, we will create an individual Feature Card and track its progress across columns. Feature Cards are color coded to match the work stream.

In Progress

Billing settings

Sign up for paid tier
Enter credit card
Cancel paid tier
Cancel account


Admin Ledger UI

View # of User & Ledgers
Remove accounts
Block accounts


Admin Ledger APIs

Party model upgrade
Expose API to DABL admin
Expose API to DABL users


App user auth

Choices authorized to end users
No automation OBO end users
User removal / blacklisting


Reference Integration

Slack integration
DAML message queue pattern
Document how to add more


Billing Enforcement

Set tier limits
Notify when exceeding
Reach out to upgrade
Lock if unresponsive


Credit Card Subscription

Integrate to processor
Accept payments
Cancel subscriptions


Metering & Attribution

Track events per ledger
Expose to DABL billing ledger
Expose to user
Attribute infra costs to each ledger

Community Requests


daml push dabl
daml create project
daml create ledger
daml create party


gRPC clients found in SDK

Java bindings
Scala bindings
JS bindings
DAML Triggers

DABL does not currently expose the gRPC Ledger API directly for a couple reasons:

1) We are awaiting a few key features for the gRPC Ledger API to be supported in production by the DAML team

2) We believe DAZL can support the majority of user needs for the types of applications that we expect will be deployed to DABL.

Your DAML models developed on other ledgers and in the DAML SDK will work exactly as you have built them. If you have chosen to build your automation in Java, Scala, Haskell, or Javascript directly against the gRPC Ledger API, you will need to port to Python using DAZL.

Arcade Roadmap


Incorporate code built and used by others
Use the best DAML libraries and strategies from other DABL users around the globe in your own app

Contribute code along with a growing community
Share what you’ve built for others to use and improve

Follow the activity of the largest contributors
See who is creating the most innovative and widely incorporated libraries across DABL applications

Arcade MVP

Pre-canned app example
Auto-Import SDK examples


Arcade Milestone 1

Arcade Screenshot


Distribute files across users
Discover shared files
Auto-import from Arcade
Publish to Arcade


Arcade Milestone 2


Sell / Purchase from the Arcade
Content leaderboards
Usage attribution

Console Roadmap


Interact with your live ledgers
The console allows you to explore and act on a ledger built immediately, on demand

Simple application automation
Upload automation code and operate it from the dashboard

Modify code from the browser
An in-browser IDE allows you to modify deployed code without having to go back to your local development experience

Collaborate with other developers
Grant access for other developers to share ledgers and extend functionality of an application

Console MVP


Create new project & ledger
Upload files
Drag & drop to deploy
Add parties
Manually exercise choices
View active data
Basic ledger settings


Console Milestone 1


REST Authentication
UX v2
All DAML Types Supported
Choice modal v2
DAZL automation


Console Milestone 2


Advanced REST API features
Billing settings
Pricing page
UI Asset Hosting
Custom project URLs
DAML Triggers UX
Improved Bot UX


Console Milestone 3


Auto API documentation
Command line in UI
WebIDE in Console
Project collaboration

Integration Roadmap


Drive 3rd party APIs straight from DAML
A unified way of incorporating APIs into your application that are easy to test locally and work simply once deployed

APIs for integrating UI and mobile
Connect your DABL backend into your preferred UI or mobile framework without complicated supporting layers

Incorporate a diverse set of financial services
3rd party financial APIs and services are accessible directly from your DABL project unifying your integration experience

Integration MVP

Integrations Screenshot


App user onboarding
App user auth
Admin Ledger APIs
Admin UI
Reference Integration
OSS Integration Repo


Integration Milestone 1


Banking APIs
Crypto Key Management APIs
Payments APIs
Capital Markets APIs


Integration Milestone 2


API Statistics
Audit / Report APIs
Partnership Program
Exchange / Trading APIs

Networks Roadmap


Build your own dedicated networks
Launch your application in a dedicated environment that scales to your capacity needs

Connect to any DAML-compatible network
Deploy your application into a growing number of existing DAML-compatible ledgers and ecosystems

Zero effort deployments
Don’t waste time, energy, or headcount on building and maintaining your infrastructure

Networks MVP


Core compatibility with SDK
Deploy < 1 minute
Stress tests
Admin monitoring
Site level statistics


Networks Milestone 1


Support Barcap Hackathon NFRs
HA / DR for site
HA / DR for ledgers
Snapshot / restore
Regular admin ledger upgrades


Networks Milestone 2


Add existing ledger to new project
Use metering & attribution
Credit card subscription
Billing enforcement
Beta SLAs


Networks Milestone 3


Canton test nodes
Crypto nodes
Extend deployed DAML


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